CAASPP Written Exemption


As in the past, parents/guardians who would like to exempt their child from taking any or all parts of the CAASPP summative state assessments (Smarter Balanced, CST, CMA or CAPA) must submit a written request to the child’s school.  All such requests will be honored per CDE Education Code.

Parents, if you are choosing to exempt your child from taking any of the assessments, you will need to submit a written request specifying your student’s name, grade, and the test type/subject.  This needs to be submitted to your child’s teacher at Sargeant by April 1, 2016. Remember, if your student does not test, this means you will not receive scores/results that provide clear information about whether they are working at expected levels and this may impact course placement.  If you have any questions about CAASPP contact our school’s CAASPP Site Coordinator and/or principal.

Parent Guides to the Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments: